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Leadership & Roles (2021)


Butch Yates

President , Website Owner

Marty Land

Vice President, Event Organizer

Butch Yates

Treasurer, Club Photographer

Carrie Lemmons


Paul Rowland

Event Organizer

Club By-Laws / Club rules

 Please take the time to read them and understand them. They are for making this club safe and enjoyable for all of its members. These By-laws are in effect starting January 1, 2012 and will be valid until altered by the membership vote.


These By-Laws were written after review of various other automobile organizations. There has been no intentional plagiarism in the compilation of these By-Laws and any resemblance to another organizations writings is purely unintentional.


Article 1: Name of Organization

The name of the organization shall be 5thGen Camaros of the Carolinas. The Club name, and our logos are the property of this club and use of them without permission from the club is prohibited.


Article 2: Mission Statement

5th Gen Camaros of the Carolinas is a true non-profit organization, with a purpose to support and give to charitable organizations and the local communities. In an effort to share knowledge of the 5th Gen Camaro. 5th Gen Camaros of the Carolinas is dedicated to providing a suitable and safe atmosphere for Camaro enthusiasts and their families to organize and associate with other like-minded individuals. 5th Gen Camaros of the Carolinas promotes and supports clean wholesome values with emphasis on family fun and activities while fostering public interest in the 5th & 6th generation Camaro muscle car.


Article 3: Objectives

The objectives of the club, in support of its members, are to share their passion and enthusiasm for the General Motors Camaro in a safe and responsible manner. These objectives are:


  1. Operate and maintain the organization in a manner that encourages and promotes the admiration, ownership, care, maintenance, and safe courteous operation of an automobile.
  2. Create good fellowship and foster friendships among members through various organizational activities, including but not limited to, activities such as cruises, charity event sponsorship, organizational meetings, gatherings, functions, car shows, promotional events, and web based message forums.
  3. Conduct organizational activities and participate in local events in such a manner that will foster and promote a positive image of automobile enthusiast and organized automotive organizations amongst the public, the press, and local law enforcement agencies, as well as within other organized automotive organizations.


Article 4: Memberships and Dues

Section 1: Membership is open to 5th & 6th Generation Camaro Owners only and is not restricted by race, sex, or national origin. Eligibility for initial membership is open to adults 18 years of age and older. Any member in good standing is entitled to full participation and all the Club’s benefits. Membership in this Club shall be subject to compliance to the provisions of these by laws.


Section 2: Each member will be required to pay an annual membership fee of $25 due as soon as you submit for membership. This renewable annual fee will be due every year. This money will help pay for club expenses and special events sponsored by the club during the year. The only Exclusions will be if you sign up during the last quarter of any year. Your fee will not be due again until the next following year. If payment is not received by no later than January 31st, you will be subject to removal from the club roster.


Article 5: Code of Conduct

The code of conduct applies to all members. This will provide guidance on how to exercise good judgment in an ethical matter.


Section 1: Compliance to the Law, Rules, and Regulations; Members must comply with all federal, state, and city laws, statutes, rules, codes of practice, regulations or by-laws, whether relating to the club in general or any other applicable matter.


Section 2: Website and Message Boards; Use of the club Website and Message Boards are a privilege. Slanderous, defamatory, false, obscene, indecent, lewd, pornographic, violent, abusive, insulting, threatening, or harassing images or comments are not appropriate. Please do not post unauthorized, confidential, or copyrighted information on the message boards. We reserve the right to deny your use of this area at any time, without stated reason.


Section 3: Racism or Sexism; Threads or replies promoting or expressing intolerant views towards any group (race, religion, sexual preference, or ethnicity) are not appropriate, and will not be allowed. This includes the usage of racial slurs, and making stereotypical statements that will incite intolerant comments in the forums by other members.


Section 4: Burnouts and Racing: During club meetings, Burnouts and Racing will not be tolerated. We have a standard to uphold within this organization. Burnouts and racing are unacceptable at club meetings or any other official function. Burnouts and racing are acceptable at the race track only.


ARTICLE 6: Liability

Each event you attend with 5th Gen Camaros of the Carolinas is done so at your own risk. 5th Gen Camaros of the Carolinas will not be responsible for loss, damage or any liability at any of its functions, events, or meets. In attending these events or meets you understand that all risk and liability is your responsibility and 5th Gen Camaros of the Carolinas will not be held accountable in any way shape or form. In case of any type of accident it will be noted that its each members responsibility to handle their own claims.

These By-laws are for the complete safety and enjoyment of all of our members.