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Camaro Gathering Event Update

Post by Ghost Rider » Sat Mar 21, 2020 10:21 am

Hi Everyone,
I want to give everyone an update on our upcoming Camaro Gathering Show. I spoke with Lana from the host hotel this week to get her feedback from what is happening at the hotel. She of course has had multiple events cancelled or moved to new dates due to the Corona Virus outbreak. At this time we both still think that our event date is still far enough away that we should be OK. We agreed to re-evaluate this in a couple of weeks to see if anything changes. So if anyone asks if our show is still on, be sure to say Yes!!!
Now, with that being said, we are struggling a little with pre-event donations. That is to be expected since everyone is concentrating on what's going on. I appreciate everyone's continued efforts. Hopefully things start improving soon and we can pick up the pace. Everyone I know is waiting on a car show, if we get lucky our event could greatly benefit from this bad situation.
I would like to thank Virgil Dumire for his efforts with obtaining door prize materials. So far he has secured over $500 worth of stuff from Advance Auto to donate to our show. He's going to need some help with transporting all of it! If anyone has a truck and wants to assist please reach out to one of us.

Butch Yates

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