2020 Club Meeting / Notes

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2020 Club Meeting / Notes

Post by Ghost Rider » Mon Jan 27, 2020 8:22 pm

Meeting Minutes: January 25, 2020

Attendees: Butch, Marty, Paul & Phyllis, Don, Andy & Becky, Jim & Becky, Chuck, Virgil & Kelly, Marty Jr, Mike, and Carrie

Dues paid this day: Don Short, Carrie Lemons, Paul Rowland, Andy Thurston

Donations to date:
Hudson Fence Co – Received their Check for $150.00
Don Short $1000 pledge – Platinum level
Hagerty Insurance $250.00 pledge – Silver level

Marty will talk to Pat from Pat's Body Shop about duplicating their major donation like last year.
Please continue to find sponsors/donations etc.

We are renting the adjacent banquet rooms for a live band Friday night. The banquet room holds 200 people. We will probably have ‘Kids In America’ play Friday night for an estimated cost of around $2500. They have a local following, costume changes during their performance and will put on a great show. The hotel will help promote the band/event. We will charge maybe $5.00 at the door and maybe apply a wrist band to people who paid, we keep the money for our charity. The hotel will provide a cash bar, we will not get proceeds from the bar.
Saturday Car Show. We plan to get a DJ for music with more speakers.
Security; Since we won’t have a stage, sound, generator etc, we discussed if we still need security. No final decision was made at this time.

We have 9 car spaces available now since we won’t have a stage there this year. We discussed if we should have a few vendors set up there.
We also discussed not having more than 2 Detailing vendors.

Becky & Andy are purchasing air fresheners again for goody bags.

Marty is waiting to hear back to confirm drag strip – Farmington is looking into medic availability before confirming us for Friday.

Please continue to get items for the silent auction and door prize drawing. This year we will tape the door prize ticket to the door prize, so when the winner comes up, hand them the door prize, it will be less hassle for us.
Virgil has several points/vouchers from Advance Auto that he is donating for items. He needs our help cashing these in. Should help greatly with doors prizes.

Judging; The registration forms will be sequentually numbered and must be completely filled out by participants This will be used for judging. We talked about after a car is judged, to apply a sticker or decal so we don’t duplicate the car being judged like last year. Also allows everyone to know when their car has been judged.
For light show participants, have them fill out a separate, neon colored form to use for judging so we know who is actually participating. That should speed up the judging process. We are also adding two more judges for a total of four judges for the light show event.

We discussed keeping the piston and reaction time awards, but maybe changing them slightly.
We need to change the light show award company due to that person not making them anymore. Butch is looking into light show awards and car show awards in the same price range.

Exhaust competition;
We discussed limiting the duration of the competition, maybe a limit of 20 seconds.

We discussed keeping the same company for Tshirts and decals. Maybe use the Chevrolet emblem in the oval decal.

The list in on our club website, please sign up where and when you want to volunteer. We still have openings and could always use the extra hands.

Thanks everyone!

Carrie & Butch

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