Meeting Minutes 2/9/2019

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Meeting Minutes 2/9/2019

Post by Blkbuety » Tue Feb 12, 2019 2:18 pm


Drag racing is Friday 10am-2pm and is under contract, thanks Marty! The cost is the same as last year.
The hotel is locked in, 81 rooms are available.
Jim spoke to The Town of Clemmons who are to submit to the Clemmons counsel $1000.00 sponsorship. They will show our event in their news letter.
We are to decide if we want Big Daddy Mojo who have their own sound and equipment for $400 x 2 hours
We are also to decide if we want another cover band for 3 sets for $600, Butch is to talk with them.
We can have 2 bands as long as they stop playing by 11 pm.
We have the Hot Rods & Happy Hour to DJ on Friday, and all day Saturday including Saturday night.
They will have more speakers with WiFi in more areas of the parking lot so everyone can hear better. They will have 4 judges this year. They’ve revamped their trailer with AC etc
Stage and Lights - no commitment yet, but we can use the same company we used last year for $900
Jim is to check on another stage company.
The Ladder truck from the local Fire Dept was a big hit last year, the Flag could be seen by traffic and helped bring foot traffic to our event.
Jim is to check on getting a Ladder truck again this year, thanks Jim.
We want to involve and build a relationship with the local community.
Marty to check on banners, we want to put Sponsors and Sponsor levels on the banners again.
We’ve estimated the cost of a generator this year to be $500.00
Pre registration to start soon, thanks David Mitchem
We are unsure if Classic Muscle will sponsor us again for $600.00, Butch will check with Ryan Braswell.
Don Short contributed $1000.00 this year, thank you Don!
We think Steve Thurston will sponsor us for $2000 this year.
We want to buy lanyards again this year.
Carrie will mail letters to previous contributors for donations again for this year.
We may change the plaque awards this year, Butch will look into cost and other options.
We have the option of Hot Rods including awards for a total of $1300.00
We will have an award for the exhaust competition this year, it may be a custom award.
We will only have one award ceremony this year.
We don’t have any vendors yet, the 10x10 and 20x20 spaces cost the same as last year.
We do think RSK Customs will be back again.
For the T shirts this year, we need more size Large, and less size small and size 2XL
The extended date is 2/15 for membership fees.
We want to get more group photos of us, not just our cars.. We want to promote ourselves with pictures of us and pictures of our awards.
There is $73.00 in our Paypal account
There is $2000.00 in our bank account.
We’ve paid Charlotte Motor Speedway $400.00 for 20 spaces for the Spring Autofair.
Don Short is stepping down as Vice President and passing the torch to Marty Land Sr. Thank you both for your time, dedication, and support of our club.
Thanks to the committee for being the backbone of this club. Thanks to everyone for your participation and commitment. 😊
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Re: Meeting Minutes 2/9/2019

Post by Ghost Rider » Fri Feb 15, 2019 12:23 pm

We have committed to two bands for our event.
Big Daddy MoJo will be the opening act.Playing from around 5:30-7:30pm
Lasater Union will be this years closing band. They will play from around 8:00-11:00pm.
Pre-Registration has been started. Be sure to sign up so we know which members are coming. Also be sure to let a committee member know if you can help with running the event. We really need everyone's support to make this show a success.
I spoke with Geoff VanAuken about the lanyards and he has agreed to help make them again this year! Be sure to thank him for his efforts with this.
RSK Customs has committed to return this year!
Don Short has pledged a $1000 donation to our event! Thanks so much!!!
Have been In discussion with several stage companies, hope to have the stage, lighting and sound booked soon.
Looking forward to us putting on another great show! Hope everyone is excited as I am to be a part of such a great cause.

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