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Auto Fair Changes

Post by Ghost Rider » Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:17 am

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to pass along some news about the Fall Auto Fair. The track has decided that they want every car who parks on the infield to pay $20 per car. So in order to keep our 24 spaces we would need to pay $480 by a deadline date of July 27th. Less than three weeks from now. The spaces are going to be first come first serve according to the track. So no guarantee of where on the infield we will be parked. If we don't want to pay, we will be moved to the concourse area. Which may be anywhere as well. A lot of clubs are mad about this change, but I see no real choice. If we go, we want to be on the infield, or we choose not to participate and drop out. But if we do drop out, we may never get our 24 spaces back. I would appreciate your feed back on this. We do have the club funds to pay for the spaces, and we would charge members to pay the money back to the club account. The only risk is if we don't fill the spaces. The track has also changed the rules about Sunday. We can't swap out cars. So only cars coming on Saturday are allowed to come on Sunday. See attached letter and my comment post below for the complete details. I would like to have a decision made by early next week. Please post your comments as if you would be willing to pay to attend future shows at the Charlotte Auto Fair or not. The deadline for paying is coming soon.

Note: Please post your replies in the General Discussion Area. I was told members can't respond here in the news section.

Club President,
Butch Yates

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