Camaro Gathering 2020 Update

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Camaro Gathering 2020 Update

Post by Ghost Rider » Sat Apr 04, 2020 7:14 pm

Hi Everyone,
I've been thinking about our upcoming car show and I really want us to have it as planned, but I'm feeling conflicted about asking people for donations with the way things are going right now. I know a lot of people are just itching to get out to a show, but I also know there are some that are scared to go out anywhere, or they have financial hurdles due to this Virus shutdown of our previously very hot economy. They are losing their jobs, etc. I would like to at least help those who want to show up and have fun be able to do so, without the extra burden of asking them for donations they maybe can't afford. Maybe we can gather some non-perishable food, tissue supplies, etc. Have it available for those who may need a helping hand. I'm going to ask the hotel if they are willing to help as well. Maybe they can comp some rooms that we could just have a drawing for like the 50/50?
If you have any ideas of things we can do to help our fellow Camaro friends out, feel free to share them. I don't want to pull the plug on our event unless we just have to due to reasons beyond our control. But I can't do this show on my own. Hopefully you guys and girls are still on board. Let me know how you feel as well.

Best Regards,
Club President,
Butch Yates

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