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Cruising Drive By for a Member's 10 yrs.old Son's Birthday

Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2020 7:26 pm
by Ghost Rider
Hi Everyone,
I was asked by a new club member if our club would like to participate in making a young man's birthday a little brighter by arranging a special request drive by cruise event so he could see some awesome looking hot rods from his home as a birthday present. With the Covid-19 virus restrictions. I'm sure we all have been stuck at home and would love to be a part of something like this. I plan to reach out to other car clubs, etc. to get as many vehicles as possible lined up to hopefully surprise him and make him smile just a little. Are you with me?
Sign up on our event page and if you have any car friends feel free to reach out and invite them to come along. Open to all hot rods!!!! They do not have to be members of our Camaro Club as well.
This will be on a Saturday. I hope you will come out and join us if you are able to participate. We will be practicing Social distancing and if you choose to wear face masks, please wear them.
As always, no speeding or reckless driving. This will be through a residential neighborhood and we don't want to disrespect anyone.
I will add more details soon, including a meeting location so we can all get lined up.

Thanks to John Adcock for bringing this Cruise-In to my attention. The plan is to meet up at the Cruise-In and walk around and invite as many people who would like to cruise by the kids house after the Cruise-In shuts down.

Cruise-In Meeting location & times:
Cars & Coffee Meet on July Sat 25th @ Detail Garage (Charlotte, NC) 5109 South Blvd. 8:00am-11:00am
Bring your badass car and have fun with music, donuts and coffee.
Birthday Drive By Cruise to follow the Cruise-In.

Cruise by address is:
Larry Mattison Jr. (Age 10)
13419 Mallard Lake Road
Charlotte NC 28262

Cruise Time: Somewhere around 12:00PM (High Noon) :dance: :clap:

Best Regards,
Club President,
Butch Yates